Dear God

Senin, 24 Oktober 2011

what should I say,
This taster felt unable to speak,
was tied,
it feels like to be honest,
but should I express it?
would not it be a bomb with nonel fraction of a second,
that is able to make broken, no trace, shapeless, so dust,
I need some enlightenment to be able to say,
I want to say like a sharp-edged bow,
which at times can lead to myself,
and kill me,
Should God,
I know, it is a mistake that occurred because of innocent ignorance,
of a trust being challenged,
god, you've got the will to punish,
if the old wounds that have been buried with the story,
want you to notch again, it's right that you have God,
I had no strength,
can only plead for keep this heart of extreme fragility.

(picture by Lamantine)

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